Durable Copy


Recover the physically damaged data from your hard drive


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Surely at one time or another you have come across a hard drive that you want to use but couldn't because it was physically in bad shape. The normal thing to do in these situations is to throw the hard drive out and lose all the information you saved on it. Now it doesn't have to be that way.

Durable Copy is a data extraction tool that specializes in recovering information from files saved on physically damaged drives, thus allowing for a new copy of your data to be made.

Its interface is very intuitive, made in the style of FTP servers, which makes it very easy to do the transfers. It also contains buttons for managing the browser's different views, and even a favorites option for selecting where to save the extracted information.

If you want to recover the data that you think you have lost from your damaged discs, Durable Copy will help you recover all that information.

30-day trial version.

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